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Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship

PNH was created by Pat Parelli to teach horses and humans how to experience fun, excellence, truth and results in their partnerships. He uses a "natural", not "normal" approach to developing horse-human relationships. The levels-based program addresses teaching people (Levels 1,2,3) and then horses (Levels 4+).





Southern Savvy Riders


SSR was created by Louisiana Parelli enthusiasts to promote the study of Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship. The Yahoo! site provides a venue for sharing ideas, asking questions, promoting local practices, announcing clinics, etc.



Patriotic Pony Stables is proud to host Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinic with licensed three star instructor Maurice Thibault. Maurice originally hails from French-speaking Canada, lived in Louisiana for a while and now resides in California. The clinic will be held at the super sweet SUGARENA in New Iberia (near Lafayette, LA) during Thanksgiving week. Click here for flyer!



Challenge Days & Practices

Lafayette area parelli practitioners have gotten together through SSR to rotate hosting duites for monthly practices. Sites, dates and directions are published on the SSR Yahoo! site.

Other regions of the state get together regularly to practice, too. Check on the SSR site for your area practice or start one of your own!

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